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Dr. Vanessa Spooner

I am a licensed psychologist (PSY 24942) in the state of California specializing in working with anxiety issues such as panic attacks, stress and social anxiety. I am also skilled in working with people struggling with eating disorders.

I received my Psy.D. from the George Washington University Doctor of Psychology Program in Washington, DC and moved to the west coast in 2009 to finish my training at the Wright Institute Los Angeles. As a former adjunct professor and off-site supervisor, I have had the privilege of working with therapists in training and guiding doctoral candidates in their professional growth and development.

Helping people move forward in their lives in this way is similar to what has long made me passionate about my work, and I look forward to helping you discover a deeper, more meaningful understanding about life, yourself,  your relationships, your career, and anything else that is important to you!




Jeff Hicks, MA

I am a registered psychological assistant (PSB 94022390) supervised by Vanessa Spooner, Psy.D. (PSY 24942).  I work with pre-adolescents, teens, and adults.  Areas in which I specialize encompass anxiety, depression, life changes, LGBTQIA identify formation and relationships. 

As a former full-time teacher, I bring to therapy the skills and knowledge that I found were most successful in working with pre-adolescents and teens.  Psychotherapy for pre-adolescents and teens is valuable in helpingthem find the emotional support they need in reaching greater levels of self-understanding,  resolving conflicts with others, and in finding the courage to try new solutions to recurring problems. Creating an atmosphere of trust and safety is of primary importance. In this trusting environment, children and adolescents find it easier to express thoughts and feelings, as they utilize therapy in helpful ways. 

An area of primary interest for me has been the treatment of anxiety and depression with mindfulness-based practices.  Meditation often comes to mind when people think about mindfulness, and while mindfulness meditation is one way of being mindful, there are numerous ways to practice mindfulness, such as mindful breathing, walking, listening, waiting, etc.  My passion lies in helping people develop a mindfulness practice that allows them to slow down and become aware of their feelings, which keeps us from staying trapped in stress.



We'd love to talk to you about therapy!

Give Dr. Spooner a call at 424.259.1565 or Jeff Hicks, MA at 323.250.3781.