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You might be wondering as you think about therapy,
"Why haven't I done this sooner?" 

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Truth is, you are doing something contrary to your normal cycle of avoiding what’s really happening in your life. You're tired of not taking care of yourself, and always putting others before your needs. You want to be more proactive instead of waiting till situations become so bad that they force you to act.

Here at our Atwater Village office, we love working with people who are ready for that kind of change, especially for those struggling with anxiety, experiencing panic attacks, social anxiety, or intrusive thoughts.

Dr. Spooner and Mr. Hicks are not therapists who have one rigid way of working with people. We work with people very closely as individuals, for deep transformation, and there are also multiple tools to help do that kind of work. 





Ready to meet us?

To schedule your first appointment call Dr. Spooner at 424.259.1565 or Jeff Hicks, MA at 323.250.3781.