Living your best life is an art. It requires great effort, conscious choices and practiced skill — and like art, there isn't a single definition for what it entails.

Your life is also something that you create. All of the countless decisions you make each day sculpt your present and your future. Are you choosing new possibilities or clinging to the past? Are you trapped in your own story?

Psychotherapy is an investment in yourself. Let us guide you in a process towards long-term growth, self-actualization, and deeper self-knowledge.



I want to make something greater, but I don't trust myself. I want to be more consistent with my work, but I don't feel like I can actually commit. I feel like I am getting in my own way.


I moved here with so much energy and hope. Now I feel like I have plateaued. Can I really thrive out here? I don't quite have what I need yet to take my career to the next level.

I am always attracted to the wrong people to date. I take care of others more than they do for me. I feel like the people in my life do not encourage me to grow and are holding me back.