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With our diverse team’s complementary array of specialities and styles, we are able to customize private, comprehensive therapy that is tailored to you. Because every person is unique, and therapy should evolve based on your needs and our insights together.

Individual Therapy - Atwater Village Therapy

Individual Therapy

One on one. There is no substitute for having a trained expert to talk to — one who will listen objectively and help you navigate whatever challenges you are facing in your personal, family, or professional life. Our clinicians will guide you and give you invaluable insights into who you are, why you are repeating certain patterns, and how to move forward with your best interests in mind.

Provided by: Dr. Liz Gustafson, Dr. Ryan Witherspoon, Dr. Jomana Sweiss

Couples Therapy - Atwater Village Therapy

Couples Therapy

A couple is a partnership. A singular unit. But every couple is comprised of individuals. While relationships are continuously evolving, sometimes couples can get stuck in unwanted patterns or begin to grow apart after hitting what seems like an immovable impasse. Talking things through together with an expert in a safe environment where both points of view will be heard can help couples make true progress.

Provided by: Dr. Ryan Witherspoon, Dr. Jomana Sweiss

Groupd Therapy - Atwater Village Therapy

DBT Group Therapy

Learn concrete skills to feel more present, manage your emotions, strengthen relationships, and reduce crises. This group is for adults 18 years and older eager to understand themselves and learn practical skills to improve their emotional lives.

Provided by: Dr. Jomana Sweiss

telehealth & video therapy - Atwater Village Therapy

Telehealth & Video Therapy

For residents of California, telehealth and video therapy are additional options. This style of therapy can be a helpful option for individuals who are seeking help but may have difficulty scheduling in-person time at our office.

Provided by: Dr. Ryan Witherspoon

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