Our doors are open to all.

At its heart, therapy is a profound search for personal truths. For real growth and improvement, it is crucial to stay open to new ideas and discoveries. In that spirit of well-being and acceptance, we are LGTBQIA-affirming and warmly welcome people of all races, ethnicities, ages, orientations, and religious backgrounds who need help through difficult times.

Atwater Village Therapy

Caring. Experienced. Objective.

Our diverse team of trained clinicians are all doctoral-level therapists. Each has completed the most extensive graduate training possible in psychological theory, practice, and research. Our treatment model focuses on long-term, in-depth therapy, teaching coping skills and guiding you as you explore who you truly are.

Atwater Village Therapy

A personalized approach that works for you.

With our diverse team’s complementary array of specialities and styles, we are able to customize private, comprehensive therapy that is tailored to you. Because every person is unique, and therapy should be a process that evolves based on your needs and our insights together.

Atwater Village Therapy

Ready to gain new perspective?

Everyone is dealing with something. Talking with a professional can be a way to start moving forward and pursue a more fulfilling path. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, relationships, major life changes, or something entirely specific to you, we’re ready to talk. Take the first step by speaking with one of our experienced therapists.

We’d love to talk to you.